What is the life expectancy of the Artilin® Anti-Insect Technology?

Since the active ingredient stays within the paint film, it should remain effective almost as long as the service life of the paint under normal conditions. The rate at which the insecticidal crystals are used is directly proportional to the number of insects that make contact with the painted surface.


How can I maintain the efficacy of the paint over time?

Do not clean the painted surface within 7 days of application. To maximize the efficacy of BOYSEN® BUG OFF™, lightly clean painted surface with a damp, non-abrasive cloth to remove dust. Do not use soap or detergents.


How long would it take to kill insects that land on a BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ painted surface?

When an insect lands on a BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ painted surface, the microcrystals are transmitted to the nervous system of the insect, leading to its death after a short time. The length of time depends on the size of the insect and how long it stays on the BUG OFF™ painted surface.

In lab tests, BUG OFF™ paints inflicted 100% mortality against mosquitoes, American cockroaches, and common houseflies after 24 hours of exposure to a BUG OFF™ painted substrate.


Is BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ effective on ants, spiders, moths, and other kinds of insects?

While no tests have been conducted on ants and spiders, surfaces painted with BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ have been shown to repel the presence of ants and spider webs.


Does BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ give off a strong odor associated with insecticides of paint? Does BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ require a longer drying and ventilation period?

BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ is not completely odor-less. The ventilation needed during the drying time is the same as ordinary emulsion paint application. Make sure that the paint has thoroughly dried and the painted room has been properly ventilated before moving in.


Can I just use BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ as an accent wall?

Yes, but overall efficacy may be decreased due to a smaller painted surface area. To maximize BOYSEN® BUG OFF™, use it on bigger and wider surfaces where insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, and houseflies are known to rest or crawl through.


If there is already an existing paint on the wall, would it be okay to just put one coat of BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ instead of the recommended two coats?

Yes, one coat of BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ is already effective as an anti-insect paint. However, the physical appearance of the paint may be sacrificed upon doing so since 2 coats of paint is usually required.


Can BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ be painted on other surfaces such as floors and furniture?

BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ paint is only intended for concrete walls, drywalls, ceilings, and properly primed wooden walls.


Are any special equipment or sundries needed in the application of BOYSEN® BUG OFF™?

Apply BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ paint using rollers or brushes. Do not apply product by spray.


Is BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ available in a clear coat variant?

No, BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ is not available in a clear coat variant.


When does the anti-insect technology become effective?

The Artilin® Anti-Insect Technology becomes effective the moment the paint dries. The insect would then need to come in contact with a BUG OFF™ painted surface for a period of time to begin working.



Where can I purchase BOYSEN® BUG OFF™?

As of date, BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ is only available in major home depots in Metro Manila. We will update all online platforms once it becomes available nationwide.


Are there any available colors for BOYSEN® BUG OFF™?

As of date, BOYSEN® BUG OFF™ is only available in white. However, being a water-based latex paint, it can be mixed with BOYSEN® Latex Colors at a maximum level of 1/4 Liter per 4-Liter can.

Take note that B-1466 Hansa Yellow and B-1407 Toluidine Red are for interior painting only. For exterior applications, use B-1469 Exterior Yellow and B-1479 Exterior Red for exterior applications.

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